Zero Plastic Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

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Stainless Steel Sippy Cup is Non-Toxic and Doesn’t Leak

Upgrade to this stainless steel sippy cup and say goodbye to the leaking, plastic versions that harbor toxins and leave a mess wherever your busy toddler goes.

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    Plastic is a modern day convenience but also one that undoubtedly exposes us to unnecessary harmful chemicals. We now understand that BPA is linked to serious health issues like insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, asthma and even cancer.

    Infants and children are the most vulnerable to the effects of these toxic chemicals. While many manufacturers now offer BPA free baby products, what many people do not realize is that it’s not just BPA. Phthalates are a problem too and they are find in virtually all plastics. Phthalates are xenoestrogens that disrupt hormones and can create problems for infant development.

    Secondly, BPA free alternatives that many companies are switching to (like BPS or TPP) are also just as bad or possibly even worse than BPA. For this reason, we want to avoid plastic as much as possible when it comes to food storage - and especially for feeding growing infants and children.

    This is why our family is so vigilant about the removal of plastic from our home (as much as possible) and especially from food storage. This stainless steel sippy cup is ideal for feeding your growing toddler in a non-toxic way. Here’s why we love it:

    • There’s no plastic so no BPA, EA, PVC, PAH or phthalates
    • High grade stainless steel is 18/8 and nipple is made from medical grade silicone
    • Silicone travel cover included
    • Easy to clean
    • Bottle can grow with your baby by simply switching out the sippy top for the kids straw or sports tops (only the sippy top is included though); it can also be reused for any future children by switching out the top for a baby nipple
    • This bottle is also compatible with wide neck nipples from Think Baby, Born Free an and Dr. Brown’s which are perfect for breastfeeding moms that also pump
    • Reduce waste by choosing plastic free, recyclable stainless steel


    We absolutely LOVE this stainless steel sippy cup and the fact that the lids are interchangeable so that they can grow with our kids. It’s awesome value and at the same we are reducing waste and our family’s exposure to toxins.

    We hope you love it as much as we do!

    :-) Xo Erica


    Includes: 1 medical grade silicone nipple, 1 medical grade silicone travel cover

    • Total capacity of bottle is 11 oz. or 275 ml
    • Hand wash is best but it is dishwasher safe


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