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VitaClay smart organic clay stock pot & multi-crocks, 6 quart. The fastest, easiest & healthiest way to make delicious, life-changing recipes.

My VitaClay is arguably my favorite appliance in the kitchen- and for so many reasons. First and foremost: it’s not-toxic. Most slow cookers are glazed with chemicals and heavy metals that end up leaching into your family’s food.

The VitaClay is crafted from organic, unglazed clay. This is huge! Not only does this mean that it’s non-toxic, but it’s also alkalizing, paramagnetic, and infrared. These properties foster huge health benefits. Organic clay activates enzymes and minerals in your food, allowing extraction of powerful nutrients and amazing flavors.

Which brings me to my second reason, flavor! Because unglazed clay amplifies flavors, the VitaClay cooks all recipes to perfection. With bone broth being on the front line of healthy food right now, there is no other way to cook it than with my VitaClay. Not only will it activate the healing enzymes 10x better than other slow cookers, the VitaClay makes bone broth taste 100x better.

Reason number 3? You can cook just about anything: bone broth, soup, jook, chili, steamed veggies and fish! Oh- and if you want to incorporate more gut healing foods into your life, try making probiotic-rich creamy yogurt on the low temperature setting. Just having the VitaClay available inspires me to make healing foods everyday.

Benefits of Bone Broth & Alkalizing Foods

  • Reduced painful inflammation
  • Better digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Increased energy
  • Decrease in allergies
  • Recovery from autoimmune disorders
  • Recovery from digestive disorders
  • Less cravings
  • Quicker recovery during illness/post surgery
  • Rejuvenate collagen, nourish skin and bones
  • Help with Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Psoriasis, Infectious Disease

  • Be Well,
    Dr. Isaac Jones and Erica Jones

  • 7-in-1, a Fast Slow Cooker, a Steamer, a Slow Cooker, a Stock Pot, a Hot Cereal Maker, a Yogurt Maker/a Low Temperature cooker and a Warmer
  • Unglazed clay pot with high dome clay top
  • Naturally intensifies flavor and texture
  • Sealing in essential nutrients and alkalizing your foods
  • Lead free and non-stick coating free in your clay pot
  • Cooks 4 times faster than your mother’s slow cooker!
  • Your whole meal can be ready in as little as 30 minutes or in less than 2 hours!
  • Pre-programmed functions- Fast Cook/Steam, Slow Cook/Bone broth, Jook/hot cereal, and Yogurt
  • Set and forget – up to 9.5 hours cooking timer with 30 minutes increments
  • Gelatin and collagen rich bio-available BONE BROTH in record time — ONLY 10 HOURS
  • Delay Timer (for porridge only) and Automatic Warm setting– Food is hot and ready when you are
  • Power rating 110 VAC / 60 Hz / 600 Watts
  • Model # VM7800-5C (Clay insert)
  • We have handpicked these all natural items and never compromise on quality.

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