TMI - Thyroid Metabolism + Bioactive Iodine

Product Description
Thyroid cellular metabolism (TMI) nourishes thyroid tissue and provides the ideal ratio of Iodide to Iodine needed for proper thyroid function. TMI supports proper thyroid hormone balance using a combination of essential nutrients and herbs.

  • 60 Capsules
  • Proprietary Blend: Selenomethionine; Iodine; Iodide; Vitamin B6; Zinc Gluconate; Kelp Fronds; Coleus Forskohlii; Dulse; Irish Moss; Ashwaganda; Schisandra; Bladderwrack; Tryptophan; Catalase; Tyrosine; Tocotrienols; Rice Bran

Technical Specs

Take as recommended With Or Without Food
$ 36.97

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