Cellular Vitality Kit

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This is our secret to all day energy, laser focus, elevated mental acuity and upgraded performance. Take the Cellular Vitality Packet daily to maintain optimal energy, sharpen mental clarity and edge out competition with upgraded performance.


The Cellular Vitality Pack is the Entrepreneur’s Magic Bullet

For those that lead full, action packed lives where you have to meet the demands of each day with high levels of productivity and laser focus, the Cellular Vitality Pack is for you. This pack provides the highest quality daily multivitamins, antioxidants and detoxification nutrients so your body runs like a well oiled machine.

Are you ready to thrive?

Yes? Then you need to invest in the Cellular Vitality Pack today. This complete nutrition pack serves two purposes:

1- Before Full Body Detox

As a preparation before embarking on our Detox-in-a-Box Series, the Cellular Vitality Pack serves to prepare the body for detoxification by providing essential vitamins and nutrients. This is especially important if you’re like most people and have micronutrient deficiencies. You’ll want to fill in any gaps before starting the Prep-in-a-Box Phase.

2- After the Full Body Detox

Once you complete the Detox-in-a-Box Series, which ends with the Brain Detox-in-a-Box phase it’s important to start a high quality multi-vitamin. This is to maintain the results of your detox and continue to feed the body the essential nutrients that it requires to function at the highest level.

The vitamins and minerals in this pack are sourced from organic foods. And because we live in a toxic world, it’s important to give the body the nutrients to remove impurities on a regular basis.

Do yourself a favor and invest in The Cellular Vitality Pack today. You deserve to feel your best and function at the highest level possible.  

Dr. Isaac Jones

When Erica and I research products we want to know that the ingredients are coming from the best sources. The PhD’s and scientists that created the Cellular Vitality Pack were able to find micronutrients extracted from actual organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and botanicals.

When nutrients come from food sources they are also naturally packaged with the cofactors that the body requires for optimal absorption and bioavailability.

Since most supplements aren’t exactly what we’d call high quality, most people just pee them right out because they are derived from cheap synthetics in a laboratory. This product uses the highest quality organic micronutrients along with high grade USP’s for maximal impact.

So what’s inside?

Organic & Wildcrafted Vitamin and Mineral Supplement
This multivitamin multimineral supplement provides therapeutic levels of the wholefood micronutrients that you need from organic and wildcrafted plant based products. This maximizes bio-availability and increases energy, health and vitality for your body and brain. These nutrients are extracted from Guava, Lemon, Amla, Sesbania, Holy Basil and other plants and herbs. You won’t find a better formula on the market for daily use.

Vitamin D3 Complex
Most people are deficient in Vitamin D which can lead to low immune system function, low energy, muscle pain and even hair loss. It’s critical to get adequate amounts of Vitamin D each day.  The Cellular Vitality Pack offers a unique formula of vitamin D3 plus vitamin E, beta glucan, turmeric, L-carnitine, calcium, magnesium, and includes liver and kidney support.

Replete with the necessary Vitamin K2 which should always accompany Vitamin D supplementation, this is a top of the line, clinically effective supplement for establishing activated vitamin D receptors associated with optimal health.

Cellular Membrane Support Caps 
Your body becomes healthy when your cells are healthy. Most people have inflamed cellular membranes which makes it difficult for toxins to be released from the cell.  When you take the Cellular Vitality Pack you’re supplementing with fatty acids and co-factors that allow for the membrane to become more efficient at releasing toxins from the cell.

Some of the ingredients inside of this fatty acid include omega 3, chia seed oil extract and various omega-6’s that you don’t commonly get in your diet.

Glutathione Boosting Factors
Glutathione is the body’s master detoxification agent and anti-aging antioxidant. When you inject glutathione intravenously or take it orally the body degrades it and you don’t absorb it properly into your cells, which robs you of its incredible detoxification effects.  This is why it’s essential to take the precursors to glutathione in order to maximize its benefits.

This product contains the most desirable and most effective forms of glutathione boosting micronutrients. Acytl-glutathione boosts the body’s natural production of glutathione peroxidase and has been clinically proven to reach the cells and boost intracellular glutathione. This is the key factor behind effective cellular body detoxification.

Methylation Donor Caps 
Your methylation pathway protects your DNA and helps to turn disease genes “off” and healthy genes “on”. It also plays a big role in removing toxins from the cell and body. Some of the ingredients inside of this cap include L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate, genestine, and a full herbal blend to maximize methylation and detoxification support.

At Elevays our goal is to deliver your order as quickly as possible. And truly- we can’t WAIT for you to get your hands on these amazing natural products.

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