TCD Brain Phase

The ultimate goal is to nourish and cleanse the brain, and nerve tissue using fat-soluble "true binders".  The Systemic Formulas Brain Phase allows deep cleansing of the cell and binds the impurities for safe elimination.  While giving intracellular and neuronal antioxidant support, and multi-mineral support for optimal brain health.


  • Assist in purifying the brain. 
  • Supports safe elimination of impurities. 
  • Supports normal brain function. 
  • Provides intracellular and neuronal antioxidant support.  


  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid 
  • Mors
  • MIN 
  • G-Cell
  • BIND 


  • Phase 1: Days 1-7
    • Morning: Take 1 "Morning Packet" & 1 "Brain Packet" with breakfast.
    • Evening: Take 1 "Morning Packet" & 1 "Brain Packet" with dinner
  • .Phase 2: Days 8-14
    • Morning: Take 1 "Morning Packet" with breakfast.
    • Evening: Take 1 "Evening Packet" with Dinner.
    • Nighttime: Take 1 "Nighttime Packet" just before bed.  Take away from all other supplements or prescription medications.
  • Repeat Phase 1: Days 15-21
  • Repeat Phase 2: Days 22-30
  • Increase liquid intake while taking systemic formulas prep phase. 

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