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The ultimate detoxification package for better brain performance. Doctor approved brain detox removes brain fog & produces laser focus, crystal clear mental clarity and activates high performance.


Your brain controls every organ and tissue of the body. Everyone is into “anti-aging” but what they don’t realize is that aging starts in the brain.

Unfortunately toxins bioaccumulate in the most metabolically active tissues of the body. The most metabolically active tissue by weight is your brain!  

We love this brain detoxification kit because it truly helps people upgrade their brain to high performance. If you want more mental clarity, brain energy and focus, then you need to detox your brain from the various toxins that can accumulate in your brain tissue over the years.

These toxins can lead to brain fog, poor memory and overall “cloudy thinking.” When you take the Brain Detox-In-a-Box you’ll create a pathway to clear toxins from the brain. This will sharpen mental acuity and you’ll feel more energized and capable as you tackle the day.

Dr. Isaac Jones

Before starting this kit, it’s recommended that you do 1 month of the Prep-in-a-Box Kit followed by 2-3 months of the Body Detox-in-a-Box Kit.

If you’re wondering why it’s because your brain is the most sensitive tissue in the body, and if you haven’t decreased the toxic burden of your body, then when you start opening up the blood-brain barrier (security doors to your brain) you could cause more toxins to flood into the brain which will naturally create more issues.

If you’re someone that wants quick results, recognize that it could take 4-5 months before you start this phase. It’s really important to prepare your detox pathways and clear your body of as many toxins as possible before you start the Brain Detox-in-a-Box.

Everyone that we’ve worked with - from celebrity clients to busy moms and hard charging entrepreneurs LOVE this phase of detoxification because of the results waiting on the other side of it.

For best results, you should commit to his phase for a minimum of 3 months, but it’s not unusual for clients to cycle on and off of this kit over a 1 to 2 year period.

You may be wondering, “Why does it take so long?”

Especially if this is your first advanced detox, you have to remember that toxins have been stockpiling for your entire life. So, naturally it’s going to take some time to heal and repair the body at the cellular level.

For particularly challenging cases I often recommend cycling back and forth between the Brain and Body kits. It looks something like this: Commit to the Brain Detox Phase for 3 months and then cycle back to the Body Detox Phase for 1 month. After that go back to the Brain Detox Phase for another 3 months until you’ve upgraded your brain and body to the level of excellence that you desire.

What’s included?

Brain Detoxification Capsules:
You need to “open the door” to your brain in order to get all the cellular detoxification agents into the tissues for a deep cleanse. This product is the best for the job with therapeutic doses of ALA and other brain detoxification factors such as D-Biotin and Ginko Biloba extracts at the perfect concentrations. This product also contains neuronal antioxidant support for optimal brain health and performance.

Brain Multi-Mineral Caps:
Your brain runs off of minerals. Magnesium, calcium, zinc, and vanadium are just a few that are essential for an optimally functioning brain. This product provides the right amount of minerals you need during the brain detoxification process to maintain a healthy and happy brain.

Methylation Donor Caps:
Your methylation pathway protects your DNA and helps to turn disease genes “off” and healthy genes “on”. It also plays a big role in removing toxins from the cell and body. Some of the ingredients inside of this cap include L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate, genestine, and a full herbal blend to maximize methylation and detoxification support.  

Glutathione Boosting Factors:
Glutathione is the body’s master detoxification agent and anti-aging antioxidant. When you inject glutathione intravenously or take it orally the body degrades it and you don’t absorb it properly into your cells, which robs you of its incredible detoxification effects.  This is why it’s essential to take the precursors to glutathione in order to maximize its benefits.

This product contains the most desirable and most effective forms of glutathione boosting micronutrients. Acytl-glutathione boosts the body’s natural production of glutathione peroxidase and has been clinically proven to reach the cells and boost intracellular glutathione. This is the key factor behind effective cellular body detoxification.

Magnetic Toxin Binding Factors:
In this capsule, you get clinically proven binding agents that act as a magnet to heavy metals, environmental toxins, and even biotoxins to remove them out of your body. It uses purified humates and a specific type of activated carbon that has been shown to bind to the toxins you remove out of your cells throughout the day.

After it irreversibly “captures” these toxins they are removed out of the body through the drainage pathways. Other key toxin binding ingredients are Boazene and Bacillus Coagulans.

If you're serious about maximizing brain function to sharpen acuity, increase mental clarity, eliminate brain fog, prevent disease and upgrade your brain to “superhuman”, then this detoxification protocol is essential for you to follow for at least 3 months.

After you are finished with the Brain Phase, getting on the maintenance monthly Cellular Vitality Packet is essential.

Erica and I look forward to seeing what happens for you on the other side of this!

CAUTION:  Consult your health care provider before beginning any part of the detoxification phase and especially if you are pregnant, nursing or you have renal failure.

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