Spectra 1 & Spectra 2 Whole Food Multi Vitamin/Mineral

Spectra one and two utilizes the most advanced patent pending technologies in whole food nutrition to deliver the purest form of highest bio-available micro-nutrients into the cell. These formulas deliver the purest form of whole food nutrients directly from organic foods. Other "whole food" supplements on the market feed synthetic vitamins to yeast strands and call it whole food. Spectra 1- (water soluble vitamins) Is the first 100% herbal based multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. This unique formulation optimizes cellular health by providing maximum bio-availability for optimal cellular healing and function. Spectra 2 - (fat soluble vitamins) Is the most comprehensive all natural oil based multi-vitamin supplement. The fat suable vitamins within must be separate from formula one for maximal absorption and impact. It also protects the supplement against oxidation which unfortunately happens with most vitamins.

*UPDATE: The capsule count is now 30 capsules, 1 month supply.

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