Erbaviva Bath Salt

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Your at home spa day essential! Soak or scrub to renew your body & mind with pure Sea Salt infused with essential oils.

I am a sucker for anything that I can use at home to make me feel like I’ve just checked in to a 5-star spa resort. Erbaviva’s bath salt may be the closest thing I have to that. Why do you draw a bath for yourself? Is it to relax fatigued muscles? Refresh a tired mind? Whatever it is, you’ll get it and more with this bath salt.

The killer combination of organic and wildcrafted essential oils, premium grade sea salt, and nutrient rich oils rejuvenate my tired and overworked mind after a long day as a mama and boss. For a bath I mix a ¼ cup of the salt after filling the tub and float in the aromatherapy.

If I don’t have time for a soak sesh, I’ll make an exfoliating scrub by mixing a little bit of an oil (jojoba, olive) with the salts and massage on my body. It works hard to renew my skin and make it feel silky-smooth!

Xo Erica


In this 20oz jar you’ll reap amazing benefits from powerful ingredients like:

  • Sea Salt’s natural thermal action works to open pores and prepare skin for botanical benefits
  • Sunflower Seed Oil is rich in skin loving vitamins like A,C, E, D and healthy fatty acids and antioxidants
  • Rosemary Leaf Extract has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that refresh the body & mind
  • Lavender Oil to relax and calm the mind and beautify the skin
  • Bitter Orange Oil helps treat skin issues and stimulate the senses
  • Rose Oil helps with hydration, aging, acne, scars, and eczema- total skin renewal!
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