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This Prep-In-A-Box Kit gets your detox pathways ready before clearing brain and body toxins. Take the contents of this kit 1 month before detoxing the brain & body to reduce detox symptoms and maximize energy.

Most people launch full on into detoxes and cleanses without thinking about the preparation that the body needs for optimal support and to reduce detox symptoms.

In fact, many functional health doctors detox their clients when their support pathways are fatigued resulting in major symptoms and negative side effects like headaches, brain fog and an exacerbation of the issues they’ve already been dealing with. Which is the complete OPPOSITE reason why you’re detoxing, right?

That’s where this kit comes in. It not only helps to prevent and lessen detox symptoms, but it also allows for a more efficient detoxification process when you do move to the body and brain phases.

The supplements in this kit have been hand selected to maximize the ability for your body to properly remove toxins that have bio-accumulated over the years. The result is an upgraded brain and a more energetic you.

For 30 days take 1 morning packet and 1 evening packet with or without food. It’s important you drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day while taking the supplements in this kit.

This is the best done-for-you detoxification prep kit. 

Dr. Isaac Jones

So...What’s in the kit?

Membrane Regeneration Caps:
Detoxification takes place on a cellular level. Most people have inflamed cellular membranes which is the “door” to allowing toxins out of the cell. So when you take this product you’re taking fatty acids and co-factors that allow for the membrane to become more efficient at releasing toxins from the cell. Some of the ingredients inside of this fatty acid include Cardiolipin, Zeaxanthin and essential brain-boosting fatty acids.

Methylation Donor Caps:
Your methylation pathway protects your DNA and helps to turn disease genes “off” and healthy genes “on”. It also plays a big role in removing toxins from the cell and body. Some of the ingredients inside of this cap include L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate, genestine, and a full herbal blend to maximize methylation and detoxification support.

Mitochondrial Energy Boosting Caps:
This gives the energy power plants inside of the cells of your body (aka your mitochondria) the herbs and metabolomic nutrients it needs to produce high levels of energy, essential for detoxification. PQQ and Co-Enzyme Q10 are just a few of the key ingredients that make this such a powerful product.

Microbiome Colonizing Probiotics:
This is one of the highest potency, enteric-coated capsules on the market. The probiotics are also in spore form to enable the 10 different healthy bacteria species to get into the colon to support the body in the detoxification process. These probiotics also help to properly digest food to create the micronutrient precursors your bodies need to optimally detox.

Liver Detoxification Pathway Caps:
Your liver is the largest internal detoxification organ in your body. The bioenergetic nutrients, herbs, antioxidants, and vitamins in this formula allow for your body and gallbladder to properly eliminate toxins from your blood into the digestive system for removal. Key ingredients are Boldo, Goldenseal and Celendrine.

Kidney Detoxification Pathway Caps:
This preeminent kidney support supplement has ingredients such as Buchu, Cha de Bugre, and Cleavers Herb, all proven to help in the detoxification and elimination of toxins through supporting optimal kidney health.

Take the Detoxification Support Package for 1 month before detoxing the body or the brain. The next phase you should move into is the body detoxification phase and then after that, the brain detoxification phase.

I personally take this package one month out of every 6 months for maintenance. When my wife stops getting pregnant and nursing babies I’ll put her on the exact same plan.  :-)

CAUTION:  Consult your health care provider before beginning any part of the detoxification phase and especially if you are pregnant, nursing or you have renal failure.

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