Non-Toxic Wooden Rattle

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Health conscious parents love this non-toxic wooden baby rattle. Perfect for little hands and free of toxins, your little one will love this non-toxic rattle made of locally sourced poplar.

Plastic is convenient (and sometimes unavoidable) but we want to be as plastic free as possible. We know the dangers of BPA - found in many plastics but even BPA free plastic is not as safe as we are led to believe.

BPA free plastic still contains phthalates which are known to disrupt hormones and create issues for infant development. Secondly, BPA free alternatives that many companies are switching to (like BPS or TPP) are also just as bad or possibly even worse than BPA. For this reason, we want to avoid plastic as much as possible - especially when it comes to products for our children.

We all know that babies and toddlers use their mouths to explore pretty much everything that they find. So, if you give your baby a toy you can guarantee that it’s going to end up in their mouth as some point.

That’s why we love baby toys made from natural wood. This wooden rattle is perfect for little hands that are just learning to grasp. Your little one will be gently stimulated by exploring the different shapes and textures of this beautiful baby toy. It is made from locally sourced unfinished poplar wood. It’s truly a natural and raw material that’s safe for your growing baby.

Snag it today for your own babe or gift it to a friend that’s expecting. This one is a unique item that everyone will love.

A little side note: This is a handcrafted item so please understand that some variation is to be expected.

Xo Erica

Handcrafted and made from locally sourced poplar.

Care: Use the Wooden Toy Care Kit or hand wash with warm water and mild soap like Dr. Bronner’s. Do not submerge.

A little side note: This is a handcrafted item so please understand that some variation is to be expected.

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