Non-Toxic Silicone Baby Bib

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Make life a little less messy and let this non-toxic silicone bib make meal time cleanup a little easier.

I never knew how messy children were until I had my own. Yes, messes are just a part of life with little ones and meal times really take the cake. I’ll never forget a dear friend that was all about baby led weaning and her daughter was happily feeding herself a mound of mashed sweet potatoes. And the sweet potatoes were...well, everywhere.

Now, I’m in her shoes with my youngest feeding himself avocado and literally smearing it all over every surface he can touch. It definitely frees up space for me to prep dinner or clean up when my kids start feeding themselves, but the mess it entails is EPIC.

While these silicone bibs sometimes only make a small dent in the amount of mess left to clean up, you know what? I will take allllll the help I can get. This bib is made from 100% silicone so no plastic, phthalates, BPA or impurities. It’s super easy to clean. I usually wash it up while I’m doing the dishes.

It catches food that gets dropped and oddly enough it can withstand strong little hands that want to rip it from around their neck. And I have to also say, these bibs are pretty darn cute too.

Xo Erica

This is 100% pure silicone that’s free of byproducts, BPA, PVC, lead, latex and phthalates. It’s food safe and FDA compliant and it’s super easy to clean.

Care: I hand wash with warm soap and water but you can also put it in the dishwasher. Just make sure that you place it on the top rack.

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