Non-Toxic Pacifier Clip - Wooden

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This non-toxic pacifier clip will keep your baby’s paci and teething toys within reach so you never worry about disinfecting a fallen paci while you’re on the go.

If your baby loves a pacifier I tend to think it’s mostly a good thing. What’s not so good (or fun) is picking up the pacifier from the ground and trying to figure out how best to clean it before handing it back to baby.

In our own home, a paci falling to the ground is no big deal. I normally don’t go through the trouble to disinfect it (and if I do it’s probably only within the first couple days of the child’s life- Lol.)

But if the paci falls in Atlanta Airport...or if it’s thrown to the ground in a public bathroom disinfecting is a must. This beautiful leather clip solves the problem of the pacifier or teething toy being thrown (or falling) to the ground.

It’s made from natural unfinished poplar wood and the beads double as nice teething option for babes with itchy gums. Hardware is nickel free. This easily fastens to most pacifiers and teething toys. Hope you love it as much as we do!

Xo Erica

Care: Hand wash with warm water and mild soap like Dr. Bronner’s.

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