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Ditch Harmful Blue Light & Sleep Like A Baby

Why We Love it

This digital free alarm clock helps keep electronics out of the bedroom. Electronics emit harmful blue light that disrupts your REM cycle- and when your sleep is off, your entire life is off.

To make the most out of your days, you need to make the most out of your nights. Digital clocks are a HUGE issue when it comes to light pollution in the bedroom.

But you’re not off the hook if you use your smartphone as an alarm clock either: 1. It encourages you to use your smartphone first thing in the morning 2. You’re sleeping next to disturbing EMF’s all night.

This digital free alarm clock will help you get rid of harmful light pollution allowing you to get the best sleep of your life. If you want high energy and productive days, upgrade to this digital free alarm clock today.

The Harmful Effects of Light Pollution on Sleep:

Disrupts melatonin secretion (melatonin tells your body it’s time to sleep)

Several studies link light exposure from working the night shift to breast, prostate, and other forms of cancer as well as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease

Reduction of natural immune responses and T cell cytokine production

Spike in cortisol causing poor mental and physical health

Worsens conditions such as PTSD, depression, and postpartum

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