Hydration Superfood Energy

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Staying hydrated just got a whole lot easier. An electrolyte-rich, great tasting formula designed to deliver hydration to your cells faster and more efficiently than water alone.  With over 10 essential vitamins and minerals and 15+ superfoods, our powder instantly energizes and detoxifies for ultimate rejuvenation.


At Elevays our goal is to deliver your order as quickly as possible. And truly- we can’t WAIT for you to get your hands on these amazing natural products.

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Dairy Free

Gluten Free



Soy Free

Nut Free


Promote gentle detoxification on a consistent basis

Naturally boost energy levels

Minimize free radical damage and slow aging

Increase hydration at the cellular level

More electrolytes than conventional sports drinks

Delicious tasting, kiwi strawberry flavor, free of sugar, artificial flavors and dyes

Why We Made This

After more than a decade of consulting clients on optimal health and healing, we know this to be true: Proper hydration is the foundation to every health aspiration. Whether you want to lose weight, have a radiant complexion or have “all-day” energy, hydration is essential.

But it’s not just about guzzling water - it’s about getting the water
into the cells to nourish and bring life. This requires a proper
balance of electrolytes to support your body and regulate pH levels.

Why It's Different

Most hydration products on the market are full of sugar, preservatives, toxic dyes and artificial flavorings. Not ours.

For great-tasting hydration, lasting energy, and anti-aging benefits, we use only real, organic, and non GMO ingredients. Our thirst-quenching strawberry kiwi flavor is powered by antioxidant and nutrient rich fruits like watermelon and pomegranate. And we doubled down on hydrating ingredients by including a proper dose of the top 7 electrolytes our bodies need to function optimally.

When properly hydrated, our bodies reap insane anti-aging and energizing effects. With our easy scoop and shake or stir powder, hydration and detox support has never been easier, tastier, or more effective.



Our Hydration Superfood Energy formula is a perfect way to start your day, fuel a workout, or get over an energy slump. Shake or stir 1 scoop of our refreshing strawberry kiwi flavor into water for ultimate hydration and rejuvenation.


6 am: First thing in the morning, you are most dehydrated. Start your day with a boost as soon as you wake up.

10 am: Up until around noon, our bodies are in detox mode,
flushing out toxins. We formulated our Hydration Superfood Energy to do more than just hydrate and energize, we made sure it detoxified, too! Support healthy detox before lunchtime with our superfood formula.

2 pm: Did you know that afternoon slumps are often caused by dehydration? Give yourself a natural boost around 2 pm when all you
want to do is take a nap. You’ll ditch your afternoon cup of coffee with
no jitters.

Shake it in water, mix it in a smoothie, add it to tea—you can’t go
wrong! However you like strawberry-kiwi flavor, the choice is yours!

Our Hydration Superfood Energy tastes like cellular-rejuvenation! Well, actually it tastes like freshly-picked strawberries and juicy kiwi. We don’t add any artificial sweeteners, so this powder has the perfect balance, unlike most others on the market. Feeling refreshed has never been so easy.

Silicon dioxide is a compound naturally found in the earth’s crust in a crystalline state. It is also found in some organisms, animals, plants, drinking water, and the human body.

Silicon dioxide is also a common food additive found in baking products, protein, powders, and dry spices. This is because it has the ability to block moisture absorption and prevent ingredients from clumping and caking together. The FDA considers silicon dioxide in food to be generally safe for human consumption.

Citric acid is a common food additive and preservative that is naturally found in citrus fruits. According to the Environmental Working Group, citric acid is classified as “not expected to be potentially toxic or harmful.” The FDA gives it food additive status and is designated as safe.

Our natural flavor is a proprietary blend that’s made up of natural sweetener (such as stevia), fruit derived flavor as well as herbs and spices. There’s no MSG, neurotoxins or other unsavory ingredients.

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