Handcrafted Walnut Wooden Spoon (Large)

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Stop stirring phthalates into your food and switch over to this beautifully handmade large wooden spoon. The perfect alternative to plastic kitchenware.

Plastic kitchenware can be convenient initially, but it takes a toll long-term. It melts if it gets too hot and I can assure you it’s NOT good to be sautéing your veggies with melted plastic. When plastic is heated it can leach chemicals into the food. Plastics also contain phthalates which are  xenoestrogens that disrupt hormones making those types of health issues even worse. This is why plastic is one of the top toxins that you want to remove from the kitchen ASAP.

Flimsy plastic kitchenware also never lasts! It starts looking all frayed at the edges and it does not hold up long term. Do yourself a huge favor and dump your cheap plastic kitchen utensils.

This beautiful wooden spatula is handcrafted and made from Walnut. It’s perfect for sautéing veggies or your favorite stir fry. It’s finished with natural spoon butta instead of chemicals or mineral oil, which we don’t want to be eating. Grab yours today and kiss your plastic utensils goodbye!

Xo Erica

  • Measures about 12 inches in length.
  • Made in America
  • This wooden utensil is made sustainably from yard lumber that has fallen from storms or had to be cut down because of interference with power lines.
  • A little side note: This is a handcrafted item so please understand that some variation is to be expected.

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