Five Minute Journal

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This 5 minute activity is the key to beginning and ending our days with peace, joy and ultimate gratitude. Use the Five Minute Journal to open up space to slow down, reflect and create meaningful rituals in your day.

How many times have you started your day with a buzzing alarm clock and rushing through your morning activities only to feel behind before you’ve even made it to the kitchen to have your morning coffee?

After spending a full on day in your business, parenting children and navigating a full schedule how many times have you crashed into bed feeling completely worn out, only to do it all again the next day?

There’s a better way to begin and end your days and that’s why we love The 5 Minute Journal.

It’s a very simple concept (and the book itself is really simple), but the ritual will transform  your day if you allow it. When you start the day with The Five Minute Journal you create space in your morning to reflect and set an intention for your day - what would make your day absolutely amazing? What kind of day do you want to create?

Just the simple act of thinking about these questions pre-wires your brain to look for opportunities to ACT ON what you’ve already predetermined will make for a fantastic day. As a result, you’ll find that you spend many more days accomplishing what you want to get done and focusing on what really matters.

Celebrate those moments at the end of the day by writing in The 5 Minute Journal before bed. It’s a great bedtime ritual and has enabled us to focus on gratitude and wins no matter how big or small. The 5 Minute Journal has been one of the most useful tools in our family for creating alignment between or intentions for the day and what we actually do.  

Invest in The Five Minute Journal today and bookend your days with peace and gratitude.

Be well,
Dr. Isaac Jones and Erica Jones


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