Female Health (Fpms)

Support for normal Female Cycles. It supports the entire female hormonal endocrine system including the thyroid by providing nutritional factors that aid in providing normal menstrual cycles as well as alleviating excessive bleeding, hot flashes, mood swings and accompanying dysmenorrheal cramps. The benefits are relief from the trauma of Premenstrual Syndrome.

  • Vit. B6; Cystine; Vit. A; Magnesium Sulfate; Vit. E; L-Thionine; Marapuama; Blue Malva; Pata de Vaca; RNA/DNA Pituitary Tissue Factors; dLMethionine; RNA/DNA Duodenal Tissue Factors; Choline; Motherwort; Angelica; Cyani Blossoms; Niacin; Inositol; Histidine; Superoxide Dismutase; Dong Quai; Zinc Chelate; Vit. B12; Octacosanol.

Technical Specs

3 capsules a day for 6-7 days before and during menses, or as directed.

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