Essential Oil Mini Sample Pack

Curious About Essential Oils but Don’t Know Where to Begin? Experience a Curated Selection of 5 Essential Oil Favorites We Know You’ll Love!

Our family has been using essential oils in our home for the last 4 years and they have been one of our favorite natural strategies for physical and emotional wellbeing.

There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t use essential oils in our family.

If you’ve been interested in essential oils and you want to start slow, the Essential Oil Mini Sample Pack is perfect for you!  This sample pack features 5 essential oil favorites that are big crowd pleasers. I’m confident that many (if not all) of these oils will resonate with you. Here’s what’s included:

  • The Grounding Blend - The Calming, No Overwhelm Oil
  • The Soothing Blend - The No Muscle Tension, Bye-Bye Inflammation Oil
  • Lavender - The No Stress, Relaxation Oil
  • Wild Orange - The Invigorating Oil
  • Peppermint - The High Energy, Get Focused Oil

These are five oils that get great results and resonate with most everyone! We also use these oils regularly in our home and we want  you to experience the same benefits of using essential oils as a lifestyle.


You’ll get 5 sample bottles, each filled with an  oil and labeled appropriately. There are 10 to 12 drops in each bottle. It’s the perfect amount to experience the aroma and try the oils in a few different ways to see what resonates with you.


We won’t leave you without resources! When you order your essential oil sample pack you’ll also get an invitation to an upcoming training where you can learn and experience each essential oil.

We’ll show you exactly what each oil is best used for and how to use it in practical ways so that you know what you’re doing. We’ll also give you our downloadable Guide to Popular Essential  Oils.


We did a lot of research when we first became interested in using essential oils. We wanted the very best for our family (and we’re sure you do too!). Here’s just a few reasons why these essential oils are the highest quality in the world:


Many companies out there claim to have “pure”’ essential oils. But what does that mean? For an essential oil to be pure it has to be free from adulteration and contamination. Essential oils are adulterated when they are not 100%, wholly derived from the botanical (plant) source.

And unfortunately, adulterated and contaminated oils are the norm and not the exception.

To make things even more challenging it’s nearly impossible to tell if an oil has been adulterated unless you’re a scientist! I’ve done my research on these essential oils and they are the purest available on the market. And I have the results to prove it. :-)


Want results with essential oils? Make sure that they are highly potent. By nature, essential oils are more potent than the individual plants they come from. It can take hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds of plants to get just one bottle of essential oil. Potency is critical if you’re looking to get great results with essential oils.

Potency ensures the effectiveness of the essential oils. It’s what gives each drop it’s strength. It makes the essential oil powerful, producing therapeutic results.

It doesn’t matter what your end game is. Whether you want more energy, deeper, more rejuvenating sleep, more youthful looking skin or support with a chronic condition - it all hinges on the potency of the essential oil.

Potency is largely determined by an essential oil’s chemical composition. I’m not talking about added chemicals - I’m talking about chemistry. Chemistry or chemical composition of the essential oils is what determines potency. And you can only know the chemistry of an essential oil by running very specific (and very scientific) tests that analyze the chemical constituents.

The essential oils we use are run through a battery of tests for their chemical composition. This is why  every time I open a bottle I get the same ultra pure, highly potent aroma and the results that come with it.


These essential oils are sourced from their indigenous regions from more than 40 countries worldwide. To understand authenticity with essential oils, think about like this:

Would you rather eat at Taco Bell or authentic Mexican in Cozumel?

Would rather eat at Olive Garden or authentic Italian in Florence?

Would you rather eat a pineapple that was grown in Detroit or Hawaii?

I think I know what your answers are to these questions. The thing is that there is something to be said for an oil’s authenticity. And it’s not just “on principle.” There’s science to this too. 

You already know that essential oils come from plants. And some plants thrive in one climate and not so much in another (this is why you don’t see palm trees in Canada). There are “ideal regions” for the plants to grow and the essential oils to be harvested.

We can’t replicate things like soil pH and composition, weather patterns and even the knowledge of the local people that know how to grow and harvest the plants.

There is a distinction in essential oils that are sourced from their native country and those that are procured from non-native locations. It affects the purity, it affects the potency and ultimately the effectiveness (results) that you get.

This is one of the reasons why I love these oils the most. They are sourced from their indigenous regions.


If you’re curious about our brand of choice, we use doTERRA. They are the largest and fastest growing essential oil company in the world because their oils work and they’re of the highest quality.

We also love that doTERRA does not require a monthly order or a minimum order amount. If you decide you like the samples and want more you can order as much or as little as  you’d like as often as you’d like.

We can’t wait to share these incredible essential oils with you! Secure your order today and we’ll get your sample pack mailed out and send over details on the next essential oils training.

Please Note: At this time sample packs are only available in the United States.



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