EMF Protection Belly Band

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EMF radiation from cell phones and electronics could be putting your baby at risk. Protect your little one from dangerous EMF radiation with this stylish and convenient EMF protection belly band.

Unfortunately in the 21st century, EMF exposure is an unavoidable reality.

Without living completely off the grid, it’s impossible to completely eliminate all sources of harmful EMF. Because EMF is...well, everywhere.

Man-made EMF can be emitted from anything that is electrically charged. Electrical sockets, televisions, radios, cell phones, computers, tablets and laptops, infrared saunas, Wi-Fi, x-rays, and microwaves are all sources of EMF. And that’s just scratching the surface. So, you see how it can be difficult to completely rid yourself and your loved ones from all exposure to EMF.

Even though you may not be able to remove EMF entirely, you can still add layers of protection especially for the most vulnerable members of your family, like babies. There’s lots of health issues associated with too much EMF exposure and we review them here.

But it’s especially important to protect babies and young children because they can absorb more EMF radiation than adults. There’s a few reasons for this:

1- Their skin is thinner

2- Their bones are thinner

3- Their tissues have more water

Even babies in utero need to be protected as they are growing and developing.  

This EMF Blocking Belly Band is super convenient when you know you’re going to be exposed to more radiation than normal. I have always used one while pregnant and traveling through the airport to add an extra layer of protection for my growing child. Airports and airplanes have super high exposures of EMF radiation. And now, with most airlines offering wi-fi the numbers are even higher.

Wearing the EMF Protecting Belly Band gave me peace of mind even when EMF levels were high.  I just put it on underneath my regular clothes and it was perfect. It also helps with hiding unzipped pants as you make the awkward transition from not fitting your regular clothes but also not really needing maternity clothes yet.

This also makes a great gift for expecting mothers that may not be aware of the danger of EMF exposure. Protect your little one and order your EMF Protection Blanket today.

Xo Erica

The Belly Band is for expecting mothers who prefer less snugness around their belly and a looser fit. The pleated design makes it easy to adjust coverage vertically and discreetly cover unzipped pants as your belly grows.

The Belly Band is lined with RadiaShield® Fabric, a highly conductive silver textile with the same shielding properties as a 1/4-inch thick sheet of aluminum. It shields by neutralizing incoming electromagnetic waves, canceling out the ambient radiation and reducing your exposure.

Safe to use – products are free of heavy metals, toxic chemicals and common allergens.

Instructions: Wear under or over clothes throughout your pregnancy, with larger side fully covering your belly.

Fit: Loose fit with rouched sides that expand with a growing belly

Coverage: Front and side RadiaShield® Fabric shielding

Efficacy: 99.9% Shielding Effectiveness (~50dB).

Material: 95% rayon, 5% spandex, and RadiaShield® lining.

Care: Machine wash cold with similar colors. Air dry. Do not bleach.

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