Cell Phone Sleep Sack

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$ 19.95

Put your phone to bed and say goodbye to blue light, constant social media & artificial “connection”.

Instead of spending your nights scrolling through emails or social media--put your phone to bed. We love this cell phone sleeping bag because it keeps our phones out of sight, out of mind. With our smartphones not even a thought, we’re avoiding harmful blue light that suppresses melatonin secretion.

This sleeping bag not only helps foster some serious family time (or more productive activities like reading!) but it also allows for a better sleep AND a better morning. The bag hangs on the door so it’s not next to the bed tempting you to get on your phone first thing in the morning.

If you want to really keep your bedroom blue light free and honor its sacredness- check out our vintage and wooden digital free alarm clocks!

Xo Erica

  • 1 bag
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