Bone Broth Collagen Chocolate

  • Supports a healthy gut
  • Supports healthy-looking skin
  • Supports healthy joints
  • Features Types I, II and III Collagen from real food sources
  • Chocolate flavor allows for mixing in your favorite hot or cold beverage
  • Notice: Use this product as a food supplement only. Do not use for weight reduction.
Nutrition & Ingredients


Many collagen supplements rely on a single source of collagen. Not Bone Broth Collagen.

It features three types of collagen from three food sources, providing Collagen Type I, II and III from chicken, beef and turkey.

Because it delivers a collagen punch, I believe this is one of the most beneficial and effective ways to consume collagen.


Collagen is essential for our health. In fact, collagen is so important that it makes up approximately 30 percent of all the proteins in the body, and is found all over the body—in tendons, ligaments, bones and much more. You might say that collagen is the “glue” that holds us together because it truly is.

Collagen is found only in animals, mostly in the flesh and connective tissue, and it’s the second most common substance in the body—second only to water.

When we have enough collagen in our bodies, then we are well put together and can hum along with our health.

Bone Broth Collagen™ Goes Beyond Ordinary Collagen Supplement Formulas

Collagen does so much for the body and in the body to keep it healthy. It’s literally the “glue” that holds us together.  

Bone Broth Collagen Chocolate also contains a clinically studied eggshell membrane collagen that can support joint comfort and flexibility in as little as 7 to 10 days. Eggshell membrane is rich in nutrients joints need to thrive.  

Each bottle is fresh-sealed for potency. You'll be enjoying Bone Broth Collagen within a few short days.

Because Bone Broth Collagen Chocolate is mostly tasteless, you can easily mix it with any hot or cold beverage you choose. Bone Broth Collagen has a smooth texture and blends well, making it great in smoothies, coffee and milk—and anything else you can think of!

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