This 3-phase, 60-day package offers safe, effective and complete liver support, comprehensive drainage, neuroendocrine system and cellular function support. This program works sequentially, deeper and deeper in the body while providing smooth detoxification support. The products in this program provide herbal chelation, and super-rich antioxidants.

The 3-phases are:Phase 1-Detoxificatioin begins with vigorous liver support allowing for ample drainage.

Phase 2- Delves deeper into the detoxification process, supporting the endocrine system and begins gentle inner cellular support.

Phase 3- Focuses on the inner cellular processes and supporting cellular function.If patients are feel like they are detoxifying too fast and are experiencing any cleansing reactions, simply cut back the doses, extend the timeframe, and slow down the program.


Suggested Use:  

Take a Morning Packet, Evening Packet, & Nighttime Packet Daily for 30 Days. 



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