Pick Your Size Bee's Wrap (Small, Medium, Large, Assorted 3 Pack)

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Wrap your small, medium and large stuff in something good with this non-toxic and eco friendly assorted bees wrap pack!

Ever wonder what to do with that half of a lemon? It makes no sense to use a pyrex, and plastic wrap or aluminum leech harmful toxins into your food (not to mention they're horrible for the earth) - but it’s also kind of annoying to reach for that lemon later and see that the fridge has completely dried it out. Same goes for half of an avocado! Don’t even get me started. Next time use this bees wrap instead. Whether you need to cover a dish (size large), wrap some cheese (size medium) or save a lemon (size small), problem solved.

It's time to ditch the chemicals and switch over to sustainable and all-natural bees wrap to preserve your foods. This reusable, alternative to plastic wrap is perfect for your food storage. Nice to your food, nice to our earth.

Xo Erica

  • Small 7" x 8" (17,5 x 20 cm) *single - Bees Wrap half of a lemon, half an avocado, cheese, a snack or a tiny lil’ bowl.
  • Medium 10" x 11" (25 x 27,5 cm) *single - The perfect sized bees wrap for cheese, bread, carrots and a bowl.
  • Large 13" x 14" (33 x 35 cm) *single - The large size bees wrap is what you need for half a melon, veggies, baked goods, or a big bowl.
  • Made of beeswax, organic cotton, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin
  • Wash in COOL water with a mild dish soap. Let air dry.
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