AirMed 1 MG Air Purifier (for smaller rooms)

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Discover our favorite solution to eliminate indoor air pollution. Purify your home environment, protect your vitality and the ones you love.

Watch our Video: Causes of Air Pollution & What to do About it

You like to think that your house is your safe haven, right? Unfortunately, the reality is that our homes can be the most dangerous place that we go in the entire day. It may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s really not. The health effects of poor indoor air quality - what we call indoor air pollution - are far reaching.

The smog around your city is not the only place where health-hazardous chemicals and toxins pile up. Your very own living room, kitchen, and even the baby’s nursery are likely harboring pollutants that are annoying at best and life-threatening at worst.

The AirMed 1 MG Supreme is our favorite air purification solutions for small spaces. Use this in your bedroom, kids’ rooms, office or other  (smaller) spaces that you spend a lot of time.

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Why AirMed 1 MG Supreme?

We love the AirMed 1 Supreme because it’s tough on indoor air pollutants (which is exactly what we want!). Here are just a few reasons why we use the AirMed 1 MG Supreme:

  • Activated Carbon is one of the most effective (and natural!) choices for air purification.  In fact, activated carbon is considered to be the safest and most effective way to remove airborne pollutants such as chemicals, gas, VOCs and odors. These filters can trap and eliminate very small particles that can’t be eliminated by other filtration methods.

  • The AirMed 1 Supreme also includes a medical grade HEPA filter that works with the carbon filtration system. HEPA filters are a very popular air filtration technology because they are highly effective. When used in conjunction with the activated carbon filter, HEPA filtration is our favorite way to create a pure indoor air environment.

  • It doesn’t get better than this in the world of  air purifiers. This level of air purification is the best in the industry and a big reason why we love this air purifier. The carbon beds on these purifiers are the deepest on the market, with up to 40 different types of carbon blends. This is just one reason why this air purifier is superior.

  • This air purifier is so easy to use. There’s no assembly required and to  use it you simply turn the switch to the “on” position. From there, you can adjust how much  you want the filter to work by turning it all the way up or turning it down to a lower setting.

    There is our #1 our air purifier of choice because of the superior technology and the purity of the air in our home.

    Do You Really Need an Air Purifier?

    YES! Most people don’t understand the far reaching effects of poor indoor air quality. In fact, there’s a large range of health problems that can pop up from indoor air pollution.

    Most of these are a result of inflammation -  the root cause behind the detrimental health issues associated with indoor air pollution. Headaches, fatigue, hormone disruption, inability to concentrate, vision problems, respiratory issues and a host of other health challenges are just some of the side effects of poor indoor air quality.

    Some Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

    In case you were wondering, you don’t need to be using spray paint indoors to have poor air quality. There are multiple causes of indoor air pollution that are inconspicuous.

    For instance, you may have never considered that the new couch or computer that you bought was polluting the indoor air. See below for some of the “little known” air pollutants that could be mucking up your indoor air:

    1. VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS (VOCs): These are the toxic chemicals that are emitted from many different common household items including paint, aerosol spray, cleaners, disinfectants, air fresheners, dry-cleaning, pesticides, furnishings, printers, and a host of other things.. VOCs are also present when you purchase new electronics or furniture. They often are accompanied by an odor - and as your new products emit these odors (off-gass) your space is filled with contaminated air.
    2. BIOLOGICAL POLLUTANTS: These are the living things that can lead to poor air quality and worsened health. Think bacteria, mold, pet dander, dust mites, pollen, and even parts of cockroaches (I know, it’s disgusting). If you’ve experienced flooding in any part of your home (and especially in a basement) you are at risk of mold growth. Mold is one of the biggest issues and often the most toxic biological pollutants.
    3. LEAD: Most of us are aware by now that lead is extremely dangerous, but most of us do not realize how common it still is. You can still find it in paint, soil and dust (which come in through your shoes), cosmetics, food containers, plumbing products, dyes and glazes for art projects, fishing equipment, and even your drinking water. What’s even worse about lead is that it can bioaccumulate in the body leading to brain fog, fatigue, weight loss resistance, biotoxic overgrowth (think candida and fungal infections) and many other health challenges. It’s also challenging to chelate (or detox) which is why you want to make sure that you do everything possible to eliminate your exposure to this very toxic heavy metal. If you want to know what your levels of lead are (or any other heavy metal) you can get in touch with a health consultant here.
    4. SCENTED CANDLES & FRAGRANCES: Most popular candles are made of paraffin wax, which can create benzene and toluene when burned – not to mention, the wicks often contain lead – but this is one of the easiest causes of air pollution to get rid of immediately (we love using essential oils with a diffuser). Scented candles are also made with synthetic fragrances - chemical concoctions that disrupt hormones, increase infertility and cause other health issues.
    5. POOR VENTILATION: When your home isn’t properly ventilated, humidity can cause mold and airborne pollutants which can create terrible air quality. This is why it’s always a good idea to open your windows periodically to allow fresh air to circulate.


    One AirMed 1 MG Air Purifier (for smaller rooms)

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