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Advanced Cellular Detoxification with scientifically proven herbs & detox factors for deep cleansing. Foolproof body detox removes disease causing toxins, allowing you to access more energy and higher levels of health and well-being.


After you’ve properly prepared your detoxification pathways using our Detox Prep-in-a-Box Kit, you’re ready for phase two of the detoxification process, which is to clear the body of toxins. This needs to be done before your start detoxing the brain for many reasons.

Before this kit was put together, I had to use dozens of detoxification products with my clients in order to properly prepare them for a full body detox.

Now you can cleanse your body with a simple breakfast, dinner and evening packet for total body purification.

This is my favorite product for getting true cellular detoxification and results you can truly feel. Order yours today and access higher levels of performance and wellbeing. 

Dr. Isaac Jones

This kit makes detoxification a cinch.

You simply take the breakfast packet with your breakfast and the dinner packet with your dinner. Both of  these scientifically advanced supplement packs release toxins from the cells of the body. Then, you take the evening packet just before bed. This supplement selection binds to all of the toxins that were released throughout the day from the breakfast and dinner packets and removes them from the body during elimination.

So what’s inside?  

Glutathione Boosting Factors:
Glutathione is the body’s master detoxification agent and anti-aging antioxidant. When you inject glutathione intravenously or take it orally the body degrades it and you don’t absorb it properly into your cells, which robs you of its incredible detoxification effects.  This is why it’s essential to take the precursors to glutathione in order to maximize its benefits.

This product contains the most desirable and most effective forms of glutathione boosting micronutrients. Acytl-glutathione boosts the body’s natural production of glutathione peroxidase and has been clinically proven to reach the cells and boost intracellular glutathione. This is the key factor behind effective cellular body detoxification.

Magnetic Toxin Binding Factors:
In this capsule, you get clinically proven binding agents that act as a magnet to heavy metals, environmental toxins, and even biotoxins to remove them out of your body. It uses purified humates and a specific type of activated carbon that has been shown to bind to the toxins you remove out of your cells throughout the day.

After it irreversibly “captures” these toxins they are removed out of the body through the drainage pathways. Other key toxin binding ingredients are Boazene and Bacillus Coagulans.

Membrane Regeneration Caps:
Detoxification takes place on a cellular level. Most people have inflamed cellular membranes which is the “door” to allowing toxins out of the cell. So when you take this product you’re taking fatty acids and co-factors that allow for the membrane to become more efficient at releasing toxins from the cell. Some of the ingredients inside of this fatty acid include Cardiolipin, Zeaxanthin and essential brain-boosting fatty acids.

Methylation Donor Caps:
Your methylation pathway protects your DNA and helps to turn disease genes “off” and healthy genes “on”. It also plays a big role in removing toxins from the cell and body. Some of the ingredients inside of this cap include L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate, genestine, and a full herbal blend to maximize methylation and detoxification support.

Mitochondrial Energy Boosting Caps:
This gives the energy power plants inside of the cells of your body (aka your mitochondria) the herbs and metabolomic nutrients it needs to produce high levels of energy, essential for detoxification. PQQ and Co-Enzyme Q10 are just a few of the key ingredients that make this such a powerful product.

This product uses the most effective detoxification and binding agents in the market. At the same time it also supports your body’s methlylation pathways, cellular membranes, and mitochondria health. For this reason, it’s the preeminent body detoxification kit on the market.  

I personally take this package every 6 months for 1-2 consecutive months after using the Prep-in-a-Box Kit. When my wife stops getting pregnant and nursing babies I’ll put her on the exact same plan.  :-)

If this is the first time you’re doing a proper cellular body detoxification, it’s best to commit to this phase for 2-3 months before moving forward with the Brain Detox-In-A Box Kit.

The body detoxification kit makes it simple and easy to detox your body on a cellular level.

NOTE: Be sure to drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day when detoxing. An example would be if you weighed 180 lbs, when you divide by two you get 90, which is the amount of ounces you should be drinking daily. Given there is 32 ounces to a liter you should be drinking 3 liters per day.

CAUTION:  Consult your health care provider before beginning any part of the detoxification phase and especially if you are pregnant, nursing or you have renal failure.

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