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Build a resilient immune system with the best tasting greens powder on the market. Our proprietary blend of essential nutrients boosts the immune system, calms inflammation and fights free radical damage. This delicious tasting superfood is formulated with 12 supergreens, 4 immune boosting adaptogenic mushrooms, and essential vitamins to help improve energy, mood, and focus.


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Dairy Free



Soy Free

Nut Free


Great tasting daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals 

Organic and Non-GMO ingredients 

No emulsifiers or thickeners 

Free of sneaky sweeteners 

Stimulates healthy cell/immune response 

Support your body during times of stress 

Improve energy, mood, and focus 

Promotes healthy aging 

Reduces inflammation 

Why It's Different

We’ve searched high and low for a tasty greens powder that contains only the best greens and when we couldn’t find it—we made our own. Greens powders on the market fall into two categories: tastes good, but made with horrible ingredients OR tastes horrible, and made with good

Our Immunity Greens Powder is packed with our carefully selected premium ingredients.  And the Apple Cinnamon flavor? Drool-worthy. I guess you could say we’re in a league of our own. 

First, we covered the basics: No B.S. We left out the fillers, processed sugars, and synthetic chemicals. 

And then we went beyond just greens and added in immune essentials like elderberry and functional mushrooms. But we didn’t stop there. 

Anti-aging, mood-enhancing, and energy-boosting herbs like turmeric and ginger brought this superfood to the next level for optimal health and wellness.



Add one delicious scoop to your morning smoothie, oatmeal, coconut water, or warm water for ultimate supergreen nourishment.


Gluten is only found in the mature version of these greens with the seeds, and we made sure to use only the young seedless, gluten free

However, if you have Celiac or are gluten sensitive, wheatgrass or barley grass are higher risk ingredients as the equipment used during harvesting may be cross contaminated with the gluten containing seeds of the mature version of these plants.

We created this formula for that very reason! Most greens powders taste horrible and are hard to put down (we’ve tried a lot). Or they’re loaded with sugars and artificial sweeteners to help mask the taste. We’re not into that.

Our Immunity Greens powder is packed with our carefully selected premium ingredients for a drool-worthy all-natural apple cinnamon
flavor. I guess you could say we’re in a league of our own. Whether you want to add it to a smoothie, oatmeal, cookies, or plain water—you’ll get all your supergreens and more health boosting ingredients easily and deliciously.

For starters, our Immunity Organic Greens tastes amazing. Second, we went beyond greens and added in immune essentials like elderberry and functional mushrooms. We made sure that it wasn’t just about immunity, so we included anti-aging, mood-enhancing, and energy-boosting herbs like turmeric and ginger. You could say our greens powder is next-level.

This product is made in the USA.

Short answer: the most powerful ingredient against oxidative stress a.k.a the stuff that causes inflammation and aging.

Long answer: Tetrasod is a unique marine ingredient (marine microalgae Tetraselmis chuii) ground under patent-protected technology that accumulates 30-fold more superoxide dismutase (SOD-first essential enzyme in the antioxidant pathway) activity than any other marine phytoplankton strain on the market today.

TetraSOD contains the three antioxidant enzymes (SOD, glutathione peroxidase and catalase), essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and pigments. As the most concentrated SOD source in the market, it has science-backed demonstrated efficiency on activating the antioxidant response pathway on human cells!

To learn more about TetraSOD and why it makes our Immunity Greens the powderhouse it is, go here.

Our natural flavor is a proprietary blend that’s made up of natural sweetener (such as stevia), fruit derived flavor as well as herbs and spices. There’s no MSG, neurotoxins or other unsavory ingredients.

Silicon dioxide is a compound naturally found in the earth’s crust in a crystalline state. It is also found in some organisms, animals, plants, drinking water, and the human body.

Silicon dioxide is also a common food additive found in baking products, protein, powders, and dry spices. This is because it has the ability to block moisture absorption and prevent ingredients from clumping and caking together. The FDA considers silicon dioxide in food to be generally safe for human consumption.

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