Spoon Butta and Cutting Board Conditioner

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Keep your wooden cutting boards and kitchen utensils looking beautiful instead of brittle with spoon butta - made with natural ingredients.

Why We Love It

You’ve taken a lot of time to select non-toxic products for your kitchen. The last thing you want to do is condition your beautiful wooden utensils with something like mineral oil.

Mineral oil is derived from crude oil and even though it goes through a refinement process it’s not something that we want to be ingesting. In fact, there are much better, more natural alternatives that do the job just as well.

This spoon butta is made from Olive Oil, Local Beeswax, Sweet Orange Oil, and Clove Essential Oil. The very best natural ingredients.

Xo Erica

  • Made in the USA with all natural ingredients: Olive oil, local beeswax, sweet orange essential oil and clove essential oil
  • To Use:

    Condition your wooden cutting boards or utensils every 1 to 3 months - sooner if you use them a lot and you can wait a while longer if you don’t. If an item starts to look “grey” or lose its vibrancy or natural grain color then it’s time to condition it.

    First wash the board or the utensil, allow to dry and then massage the spoon butta into the wood. You’ll need to let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes to give the oils a chance to absorb.

    After that just wipe away the excess and you’re all done! As far as how much to use - a dime size amount is good for utensils and quarter size amount per side is good for cutting boards.

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