Organic Burp Cloth - (Reversible)


Made of 100% organic cotton muslin, this burp cloth is soft against your baby’s skin and made with GOTS certified natural textiles.

Why We Love it

For our kids, we have always been extra vigilant in their early years to prevent exposure to toxins. What they eat and what touches their skin are two of the biggest areas where we are very intentional.

That’s why we choose natural and organic fabrics whenever possible. This burp cloth is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton which is better for baby and better for the environment.

It also features a black and white pattern which is more engaging for baby’s developing eyes. According to Dr. Sears (and various other doctors and researchers in infant growth and development) black and white is ideal for babies:

“Research has proven that black and white contrasts register powerfully on baby’s retina and send the strongest visual signals to baby’s brain. Stronger signals mean more brain growth and faster visual development.”

Give your baby some visual stimulation and the soft comfort of organic cotton muslin.

Source: Visual Stimulation for Newborns by Dr. Bill Sears

Xo Erica

  • Made of 100% organic cotton muslin with 100% cotton trim
  • Fabric is GOTS certified and OEKO-TEX Certified to Standard 100
  • Dimensions: 43 x 33 cm
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