Essential Oils for Immunity Pack


What do you do when cold and flu season is imminent but you can't afford to get sick? You stock up on the best essential oils for ironclad immunity.

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Why We Love it

Every year there’s predictions on how “bad” the cold and flu season is going to be. And every year it seems to get worse. If you’re like many people that have chosen to forego the flu vaccine you may be wondering what other steps you can take to protect yourself and your family from the environmental pathogens.

Naturally, living a healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone: eating fresh, healthy whole foods, exercising, eliminating toxins, reducing stress and taking vitamins are just a few critical factors. Having natural remedies on hand is another. This is where the essential oils come in.

They are economical, they are highly effective and they are very convenient - especially if you’re busy and don’t have time to whip up your own homemade elixir. Below I’m sharing 4 highly recommended essential oils to have on hand before the cold and flu season gets into full swing.

1- OnGuard - The Protective Blend

OnGuard is our go-to essential oil when we need an extra layer of protection. With essential oils of wild orange, clove and cinnamon as the star of the show, OnGuard has a “spicy sweet” aroma that reminds many people of the fall season.

The oils in this blend act as a powerful antioxidant support and boost the immune system to protect against environmental threats. OnGuard also has an energizing aroma, so it’s one of our favorite essential oils to use as a mid-day pick me up.

This is an oil that we use proactively - so, just before traveling or dropping the kids off at school we’ll apply this oil to the back of the neck and bottoms of the feet to access the nervous system.

2- Oregano - The Potent Purifier and Sore Throat Soother

Oregano is a versatile essential oil and one that I love to use for many reasons, but I especially love it for calming the fire of a sore throat. I massage it into my lymph nodes to stimulate the lymph system and move pathogens out of the body.

Oregano also has “five-anti properties” – antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-parasite and antioxidant that makes it effective against many environmental threats and harmful microbes.

Use caution when using Oregano because of its potency. This is a very “hot” oil - meaning that it’s highly sensitizing to the skin and body and should always be diluted.

3- Melaleuca (aka Tea Tree) - The Bacteria Busting Oil

The overuse of antibiotics in our society has given rise to superbugs and damage to the gut. Melaleuca essential oil naturally has powerful properties that can annihilate bacteria - especially the kind that lead to respiratory illness.

We love using Melaleuca as a first line of defense over antibiotics. It takes care of bad bacteria and microbes without damaging the gut or exposing you to chemicals and toxins.

4- Breathe - The Breathe Easier Blend

You know when you have a cold and how the congestion can be like a heavy weight on your chest? You can feel like you’re constantly blowing your nose to clear your airways and sleep can be absolutely miserable.

Breathe essential oil makes managing respiratory congestion from cold and flu so much easier. Breathe has a “minty” aroma due to standout oils Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca and Cardamom.

This is another oil that we make sure to have stocked for fall and winter because it’s a lifesaver for congested kids (and adults!). Diffuse overnight to get better sleep when you’ve got a stuffy nose or just inhale a drop in the palm of your hands. You will notice an immediate difference that you’ll be pleased with.


All of the oils mentioned above are from doTERRA's Touch Line. They are prediluted in fractionated coconut oil and placed in a roller bottle for ultimate convenience and kid-friendliness.

Now you don't have to worry about restraining a wiggly toddler while you dilute runny fractionated coconut oil and then try to apply to a moving target. Can you tell I've done that a few times? :-P Even if you don't have kids, dilution is important with essential oils and since it's already done for you with these roller bottles it makes essential oil use that much easier.


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4  doTERRA Essential Oils & Oil Blends:

  • Melaleuca (aka Tea Tree)
  • Oregano
  • Breathe
  • On Guard
  • All bottles are 10 mL roll on (200 drops per bottle) except for the Oregano which is a 9 mL roll on bottle.

    TO USE:

    For children and adults, roll on to the back of the neck and spine and bottoms of the feet once a day to use preventively. For active cold and flu, apply more often (4 to 6 times per day).

    I avoid using Oregano in small children. The oil is too sensitizing and if they touch the application site and then touch their eyes or mouth...well, you'll be dealing with tears and an angry child for a while. Spare yourself and save that one for adults or older kids.

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